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Non-invasive, no side effects!

Skin Tightening

Wrinkle removal

Face Lifting.

High intensity focused ultrasound is using the latest achievements of the most advanced antiultrasound therapy, the use of high-intensity focused ultrasound characteristics, the energy is focused on a precise 3mm depth shallow fascia and fascia layer 4.5mm, highly focused energy wave so focused at the SMAS produce the protein clotting reaction to the freezing point as the 7 center to produce tension around, while freezing point as the center began the rebirth of radial collagen, double strengthen SMAS flexibility.

The depth of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is 1.5 to 4.5 mm in addition to the outside of the fibrous septum it can also apply to deeper SMAS layer SMAS layer is important lifting of lifting surgery treatment therefore HIFU greatly breaks through the previous limitations it is the first machine that non-invasive treat SMAS. And HIFU every single energy point (TCP) in subcutaneous temperature can reach 65-70 degrees and is the most temperature of all non-invasive skin lifting machine at present the best is energy through the skin no longer need to worry about skin injury.

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Working Principle

Ultrasonic Plus + is the first device without hurt treatment machine. HIFU focused ultrasound lift reach 1.5 to 4.5 ㎜ deepth to SMAS layer. SMAS layer is an important pulling key when surgical face lift treatment time. So HIFU greatly exceeded the previous limit, is the first non-invasive way to treat energy equipment. HIFU plus per unit – energy points (TCP) in the skin effect of temperature up to 65-70 degrees, the temperature is the strongest. Even better: energy through the epidermis, the skin no longer need to worry about hurt.

Ultrasound Lift Principle

Compared to IPL,laser and RF, Mesotherapy, HIFU treatment depth is 1.5mm-4.5mm, In addition to the role of the fibers separated, it is also applied to the SMAS layer deeper portion.

HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) machine with similar principle as concave lens. Focus the sound wave to an point to cause high temperature. It is used to oncotherapy treatment in early date. Now it use to beauty field. Acoustic focuse on a point under subcutaneous tissue.3mm: collagen layer and 4.5mm: fascia layer (SMAS) . Once temperature exceed 65 degree centigrade, the focused SMAS Produce the protein coagulation responses and cause tensile force around this circle. Promote collagen rebuilding. New collagen will keep facial lifting and whitening, also remove wrinkle.


HIFU ultrasound lift treatment effect 

 Skin micro red, red dot, mild skin blisters or edema, it is being good after 1-2 days
 After treatment do a cold( ice) mask or use CRYO to keep temperature down.
 Late treatment in the treatment of skin, can appear some protruding lines of white lines,  it is the focal point of subcutaneous, is a bit too much energy, no point distance between treatment, there is the situation with apply ice cooling process back to a week or two.
 May be some protruding and white lines, it is the focus point under skin layer, use ice to make temperature down.
 After the treatment of white line area, small scab skin phenomenon in a second day,  after is the skin temperature shrinkage phenomena, like bubble subsided, will recover naturally. The white lines after treatment, it will appear scab, it is normal. Will be recover soon.

The right Filter for every skin

Handpieces for 310A Five cartridges, 10000 lines, 4MHz.

 ES4-1.5   Treatment for eyes

 DS4-1.5  Acne removal, coarse pore,

forehead winkle and skin restructuring.

 DS4-3.0  Face lifting, Nasolabial folds, Wrinkle removal

 DS4-4.5  Face lift

 BS4-13   Treatment for body

Handpieces for 310B Three cartridges, 5000 lines, 4MHz.

 DS4-1.5 Acne removal, coarse pore,

forehead winkle and skin restructuring.

 DS4-3.0 Face lifting, Nasolabial folds, Wrinkle removal

 DS4-4.5 Face lift


Non-invasive skin after treatment to 15 minutes after the makeup.

Operating time is short, the face takes only 40-50 minutes.

The effect of maintaining 1—2 years.

No trauma, no pain, more secure, without side effects.

Treatment flexible, see the consequent immediately.

Full Body Coverage


1. Remove wrinkles on around forehead eyes mouth etc.
2. Lifting and tightening both cheeks skin.
3. Improving skin elasticity and shaping contour.
4. Improving jaw line reducing “marionette lines”
5. Tightening the skin tissue on forehead lifting the eyebrows lines.
6. Improving skin complexion making the skin delicate and bright
7. Match with injecting beauty like Hyaluronic acid collagen to resolve more aging problem
8. Removing neck wrinkles protecting neck aging.

Results Gallery


1. Equipped 5 heads precisely acting on different depths of the skin
2. Fast operation. Full face and neck treatment only takes 40-50 minutes
3. Superficial dell dermis and SMAS ( Superficail Muscular Aponeurotic System).
4. SMAS contraction : collagen remodeling elastine fiber contraction
5. Completely non-invasive you can put on make-up 15 minutes after treatment.
6. Instant result will be checked from one time good result will last 1-2 years
7. Non-invasive painless soft and no side effects
8. High quality low consumables
9. More accurate procedure due to Exact Focusing Technology.


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