Queen HIFU Shape Plus

Nothing like it before!

The pinacle of our success.

The Beauty Queen Technologies launched the latest HIFU & Hifushape machine, combined HIFU and Hifushape two technologies in the same instrument which can achieve a one time face pulling and body shaping.

The HIFU Shape Plus is the most advanced HIFU machine in the world. It was designed for Spas, Sallons, Beauty Clinics that want to maximize profit and deliver high quality treatments for their clients.

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About Beauty Queen Tech.

1. HIFU Screen/display
2. Hifushape handpiece
3. Hifushape handpiece holder
4. Emergency botton
5. Hifushape cartridges holder
6. Cover
7. HIFU handpiece
8. HIFU handpiece holder
9. Hifushape Screen/display
10. Switch
11 . HIFU cartridges holder
1. HIFU handpiece
2. HIFU handpiece holder
3. Vents
4. Joint of power cord
5. HIFU cartridges
6. Cover
7. Water overflow
8. Wheel
9. Hifushape handpiece
10. HIFU Screen/display
11. Hifhshape handpiece holder
12. Hifhshape handpiece connect
13. HIFU handpiece connect
14. Hifushape cartridges
15. Water inlet
16. Water outlet

Four handles to handle the situation

HIFU Handle

HIFU Filters: 

ES4-1 .5/DS4-1.5/DS4-3.0


HIFUShape Handle

HIFUShape heads: 

0.8cm Depth/1.3cm Depth



Body thinner,

skin tightening,

Fat reduction,

Body slimming, 

Body shaping.


Face lifting,

Wrinkle removal,

Eyes wrinkle removal,

Expression line removal.

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Safety and effective treatment Destruction of fat cells selectively and intantly by high-energy but low-frequency, fat cell destruction while epidermis, blood vessels and nerves remain unharmed.


Adjustable energy output It allows users to adjust the energy output based on the thickness of localized fat to be treated and the sensation of patients.


Intelligent record management The handle has intelligent chip inside, it can record used shots and remains and the operations can trace usage record by inquiry system.


Unique automatic computing system. The shot setting is operated by an automatic system. The automatic computing system ensures complete energy delivery over the entire treated area, which is user-friendly to users.


2 system 1 machine:

HIFU equipped 5 heads.

Hifushape equipped 2 heads, 0.8cm, 1.3cm

precisely acting on different depths of the skin.


Comfortable experience, best result. Completely non-invasive, painless, saft and no side effects, Result can last one to two years. CLO CJl\LIPL


World Class Training Program is Included!

The Beauty Queen Technologies is totally committed to providing you with an outstanding training experience. For this reason, a highly developed training program is provided FREE for you and one other staff member with your purchase. Training is conducted at your place, just cover minimal travel expenses.

FREE Marketing Materials

The Beauty Queen Technologies not only believe in providing you with excellent devices and outstanding training programs, we also believe in helping you to market your new services to your existing and new clients. With this in mind, we have created an informative customer brochure and advertising poster for you to use to help promote your business. Here are some of the examples of the marketing materials that you will receive with your purchase.

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